Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Zombify Yourself

     This is my final Zombify Yourself Project. I took a photo of myself in a zombie-like pose and then edited it to look like a zombie by making the skin all cracked and a little dirty, adding a scratch mark on my hand, and making my eyes look creepy. I added a creepy haunted house image in the backround.

     This is the original photo that I took and used.

     This is the image of the haunted house that I used as my backdrop.

     This is the image of cracked ground that I used to make my skin look cracked. I just lowered the opacity a lot so that it would blend with my skin.

     This is the image that I took the scratch marks off of, to add to my project. I lowered the opacity a lot and blended the scratch marks into the skin to make it look more realistic.

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