Thursday, June 8, 2017

Image Inside Text

     This is my final Image Inside Text Project.

Stranger Photos

     These are my Stranger Photos.

Shape/Color Cartoon Character

     This is my final Shape/Color Cartoon Character Project.

Name: Mia
Personality: nice, animal lover, caring
Birthplace: Canada
Current Location: Scripps Ranch
Favorite Things: animals, music, snow, trees, nature
Least Favorite Things: danger, harm, fire, pollution, global warming
Occupation: 12 year-old student

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

iStopMotion Short

     This is my final iStopMotion Short Project.

Create an Album Cover For a Band You Would Be In...

     This is my final Create an Album Cover For a Band You Would Be In... Project. It's quite simple but I like it a lot. My band name is Chocolate Cheeks n' Wings.

Surreal Human/Nature Portrait

     This is my final  Surreal Human/Nature Portrait project. I made it look like the ocean has eyes as I always feel like the ocean is a person and we are looking into their deep eyes.

Images that used:

Hockney-esque "Joiner"

     This is my final Hockney-esque "Joiner" Project.

     This is the original photo that I took and used.

Light Painting

     These are the pictures that I took in the dark, using a flashlight to draw with for my final Light Painting Project.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Shadow Study

     These are the five photos that I took for my final Shadow Study Project.


     These are the five photos that I took around school campus for my final Photowalk Project.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Macro Setting Photo Shoot

     These are the pictures of the items that I used for my Macro Setting Photo Shoot project.

Puzzle Face

     This is my final Puzzle Face Project. I took a picture of myself and made my eyes and mouth into puzzle pieces.

     This is the original photo that I took and used.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Emotion Portraits

     This is my final Emotion Portraits Project. I took pictures with my friends Audrey and Soyoon in the green room, and we each portrayed different emotions.

Color Focus on Black and White Photo

     This is my final Color Focus on Black and White Photo Project. For this assignment, I chose a picture of m&ms, then turned the picture black and white. Afterwards, I just colorized the green m&ms with a low opacity brush.

     This is the original image of m&ms that I used.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Self with Former Self

     This is my final Self with Former Self Project. I found two pictures, one of me when I was little, and one of me recently, and put the two versions of myself together in one location to make it look like I am taking a picture with my former self. I tried to find the same pose for both pictures, and found pictures of me doing the 'V' with my fingers for both versions.

These are the two pictures that I found and used:

(I flipped this one horizontally)

Repetition Portrait

     This is my final Repetition Portrait Project. I repeated some of my facial features in weird and creative ways, and this is the final outcome.

     This is the original photo that I took and used.

Dispersion Effect/Shattered Picture

     This is my final Dispersion Effect/Shattered Picture Project. I used a picture of a running dog, downloaded a splattered brush pack, and made the dog look like it's shattering as it runs by slightly erasing the duplicated parts of it in the back.

Here are the images that I used:

Zombify Yourself

     This is my final Zombify Yourself Project. I took a photo of myself in a zombie-like pose and then edited it to look like a zombie by making the skin all cracked and a little dirty, adding a scratch mark on my hand, and making my eyes look creepy. I added a creepy haunted house image in the backround.

     This is the original photo that I took and used.

     This is the image of the haunted house that I used as my backdrop.

     This is the image of cracked ground that I used to make my skin look cracked. I just lowered the opacity a lot so that it would blend with my skin.

     This is the image that I took the scratch marks off of, to add to my project. I lowered the opacity a lot and blended the scratch marks into the skin to make it look more realistic.