Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bird Coloring Page Assignment

     This is my Bird Coloring Page Assignment. On the very top, is my final project. The one in the middle, is the original image that I used to do my assignment. The image at the very bottom, are the feathers that I used to fill my bird with.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kaleidoscope Assignment

      This is my Kaleidoscope Assignment. I didn't have an idea for how I was going to color this, so I just went with rainbow colors.
     This is the original Kaleidoscope coloring page that I used.

Where's Waldo Assignment

     This is my Where's Waldo Assignment. On this, I put a bunch of my favorite things. Can you find Waldo?

Albrecht Dürer Assignment

      This is my Albrecht Dürer Assignment. I chose a corgi for the animal, because I love corgis.

     This is the original picture that I based my Albrecht Dürer Assignment off of.

Edward Gorey Assignment

     This is my Edward Gorey Assignment. The banner reads, 'I is for Irene who likes to clean tureens.' I chose the word 'tureen' because it rhymes with my name Irene.